We are a full service school in California!

Serving Los Angeles area driver's needs since 1969






  • Driver's Education (On-line)
  • Driving Lessons
  • Driver's Education Lesson Plan
  • Driving Instructor Lesson Plan
  • 40/20 Instructor Course 
  • Driving School Operator Services




  • 8 Hrs. Traffic School (In-class) 
  • 8 Hrs. Traffic School (On-line)
  • 8 hour TVS Lesson Plan
  • 8 hour Operator Course
  • 4 hour Operator Course








Female Instructor Available Upon Request


 All our vehicles are equipped with dual control pedals and are fully insured and bonded. For beginners to brush-up lessons,  our  Instructors goal is to personalize instruction for all types of individuals, making learning interesting and fun with their  professionalism. 

 Need to improve your driving skills? You’re in the right place. We’ll assess your needs. Our certified instructors will help you  meet your goals, and give you the support and tips you need to succeed for a long life of safe driving.

 Take a look at our full list of rates for teens and adults.We are committed to offering the best, most effective drivers training  course you will ever experience. Try us, and you will find out why we are the best. 


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Regular Price $150
dmv tEST

Regular Price $120
2 Hours

Regular Price $270
6 Hours



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